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Selling your charts
« am: 07 Juli 2014, 17:49:28 »
The IMC can not be used for commercial purposes without first obtaining a license to use it through Navico.

Here is a brief summary of what you need to keep in mind when producing charts and instructions on how to obtain this license.

Define your niche and setting a price

Often times, it's important to understand what you bring to the market that other people aren't bringing.  If you're selling maps for individual lakes that aren't surveyed or you are providing maps that are specifically designed for a specific industry or your presentation is better than your competitors.  A niche is what helps sells your charts and sets you apart from would be competitors.  Presentation of free data is usually only as safe as your sources are unless you have some value added data that uses the free data as a background.

You'll want to price your charts competitively.  Often small volume cards need to be more expensive to recoup development costs and these often need a strong niche to succeed.  Card cost can be lowered with enough volume.

Mind your licenses and copyrights

Some software out there makes it easy to get access to unlicensed copyrighted data.  When you go commercial with maps, you need to make sure you don't violate the license terms of any of the sources you use.  Using applications that allow you to integrate Bing satellite maps into your data is considered a violation of the license unless you pay Microsoft for the right to integrate their data into your charts.

Most of the time, even free maps require you to cite them as a source in a ready to be seen area.  While the AT5 format has an acknowledgement option, these acknowledgements are not displayed on the NOS based units so the correct place to put these acknowledgements are in a text file in the card location.  These often only apply to distribution so make sure that when, for example, you are distributing charts that incorporate OSM data, you cite the correct source for OSM.

If Navico finds you in violation of either of these, we'll probably tell you to correct these issues and reserve the right to terminate your agreement with Navico.

Understand your distribution

If you use Navico's encrypt to card, you'll be responsible for your own encryption and distribution of your charts.  If you use Navico's encrypt to unit option through the Insight Store, we'll handle the card encryption and distribution.

Becoming a toolkit partner

Understanding the ins and outs of selling your charts, you may want to become a toolkit partner.  In order to start this process, contact to inquire about licensing.

Some quid pro quo agreements may be considered if they are mutually beneficial.