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Feature Search Tags
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Through the IMC, 2 search options are available to you: Name Searching and Screen Searching.

Name Searching

Name Searches make items appear in the Find Menu.  Depending on the Chart Plotter, you'll be able to limit these searches by partial matches of the strings and by Major/Minor Category Combinations.

Screen Searching

Screen Searching refers to being able to query objects on the screens.  This is what affects popups and makes items appear under the "Info" button.

Setting up your search

The IMC automatically makes items searchable.  There is no option to implicitly make an item searchable.  If the item has a text, an infobox, an elevation, or a percentage, the object will be set up for screen searching.  If the item has a text, the object is set up for name searching. 

Most of the time, this generates search rules that work well for charts but, on occasion, you want to tweak which objects are searchable (for example, highway shields).

To disable a search, the character attribute "FILT_SRCH" will turn off the name search if it contains a "N" or the screen search if it contains a "S".

"" - No disabling
"N" - Name Search Disabled
"S" - Screen Search Disabled
"NS" - Name and Screen Search Disabled