Autor Thema: Black Boundary's around stitched images on Simrad GO5 XSE  (Gelesen 1596 mal)

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Black Boundary's around stitched images on Simrad GO5 XSE
« am: 03 September 2019, 00:00:28 »
Hello, Ive been working on creating satellite imagery overlay on my simrad of South East Louisiana. The images I use are from Google on the SASplanet application. Ive tried the export function for KML and using the data downloaded such as "z19" or using the stitch method making 12 large images to adjust the brightness and saturation of the images more easily. When I use IMC to process these images everything works perfect until I load the images on my gps. There are black boundary's along the seams of the raster images (jpeg). Ive tried changing the filter alpha aswell. When set to 0 there is the black boundary. When set to 1 there is still black at the seams. Ive read everything on this forum and the IMC GURU's post about seams in raster images and nothing seems to be helping me except the part about downloading the images in geographic format instead of Mercator on SASPlanet. This fixes the seams on a small scale like when I process only a section of the marsh but when I try to upscale this and do the entire marsh the black lines come back, all the images are the same resolution and DPI. I hope Im not being to confusing any help will be much appreciated.
TLDR; Im having problems fixing the seams in raster images(jpeg) on a Simrad unit

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Re: Black Boundary's around stitched images on Simrad GO5 XSE
« Antwort #1 am: 03 September 2019, 16:16:14 »
KML extents are always in geographic WGS84.

Seams can occasionally exist with inconsistent resolutions because, historically, each resolution was processed and merged independently.

This is addressed in the beta version of the IMC.  Inconsistent resolution gaps in the images have some level of alpha but are not completely transparent.